Building a bathroom vanity is not that hard if you've got the right tools and willing to learn some lessons along the way. When you're trying to decorate a large or small bathroom, you need to know the taste of your bathroom as they come in different styles from modern to transitional, pedestal or traditional.

Speaking of styles, Luxvanityhome has so many selections of bathroom vanity sets with different styles under these two categories: transitional bathroom vanity and modern bathroom vanity. 

Transitional bathroom vanity: It blends the simple lines of traditional design with modern elements that resulting in a timeless piece of your bathroom style. By combining elements of one design era with those of another, this transitional style is an effective way to bring your bathroom design into the 21st century without being "too modern."

Modern bathroom vanity: This design often features straight lines and a polished look that can immediately transform your bathroom in unique and striking modern design.

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